How do I contact Neatnik with questions or comments?

  • Feel free to email any questions, ideas or pictures of your family using your Neatnik products at


What is Neatnik Saucer®?

  • The Neatnik Saucer is a High Chair Cover and Baby Placemat All-in-One.  The Neatnik Saucer fits in standard restaurant style high chairs and overlaps the dining table so babies can play with their toys and eat their meals without dropping food to the floor or putting unsanitary objects in their mouths.  Easy to clean and easy to carry (Neatnik Saucers collapse into a 12" x 12" matching carrying case), the Neatnik Saucer is the must-have companion for today's on-the-go parents.

How do I set up Neatnik Saucer?

  • Setting up Neatnik Saucer is a quick and easy task - and so is packing it up (because we all know that sometimes leaving a restaurant quickly is a must with young children)!  Most people can set up or pack up Neatnik Saucer in a few seconds.

Once you've opened your Neatnik Saucer, you're only four steps away from an enjoyable dining experience:

  • Place seat portion in high chair and position the chair close to the table, with the tray overlapping the tabletop.
  • Pull the safety straps through the seat liner side holes
  • For some surfaces, wet and press suction cups to secure to table
  • Place baby in the seat.  Always make sure to strap your baby in the high chair and use the safety belt lap restraint
  • Attach toys, teething rings or pacifiers to the Velcro straps

When it's time to pack up, simply:

  • Unfasten the high chair safety straps and lap restraint, and remove your child from the high chair
  • With one hand under the Neatnik Saucer tray, lift the small tab on the suction cups to release them from table
  • Tilt the Neatnik Saucer to empty crumbs, food, leftovers onto tabletop
  • Clean the Neatnik Saucer with a baby-safe disinfectant wipe

How do I expand and collapse Neatnik Saucer? 

  • To see how quick and easy it is to expand and collapse the Neatnik Saucer, check out our online demo at the top of this page! 
  • To expand Neatnik Saucer, hold it away from your face and unfold it by twisting your wrists.  
  • To collapse Neatnik Saucer, grasp either edge of Neatnik Saucer with the print side facing up.  Hold the saucer on back rim about 6-8 inches on either side of Neatnik Saucer logo (at about 4:00 and 8:00) opposite the velcro straps.  Begin to fold the edges toward the middle but allow the edges to cross with one edge overlapping the other edge.  Grip both overlapping edges with one hand, and use the other hand to lift the edge of the rim that is now closest to the floor to meet the hand that is holding the other two edges.

How long does it take to set up Neatnik Saucer?

  • One minute or less

What is included with Neatnik Saucer?

  • Each Neatnik Saucer comes with a matching, stylish 12" by 12" carrying case.  The case includes a pocket for baby wipes and a wristlet for easy attachment to strollers, diaper bags, purses or, of course, wrists.

How can I clean and care for my Neatnik Saucer?

  • You can clean your Neatnik Saucer with baby-safe disinfectant wipes or a sponge and warm soapy water.  Please do not use abrasives. Do not place in your washing or drying machine.  The Velcro on the seat can be wiped in the same manner or submerged in warm soapy water, rinsed and left in the open position to dry

What is Neatnik Saucer made of?

  • Neatnik Saucer is made of baby-safe, non-porous, hypo-allergenic materials - Phthalate free oil cloth and polyester.

*Parents – Please Be Aware: Neatnik Saucer® is not a toy, swing or sling. Always use it with a highchair and do not suspend child without the support of a highchair. Secure child with the safety straps that are provided on the highchair.  Never leave child unattended. Adult supervision required.

How can I clean the Neatnik Bibs?

  • You can wash Neatnik Bibs on the gentle cycle in your washing machine and dry them on low heat

Where are Neatnik products manufactured?

  • Neanik products are designed by a mother/daugher team in the USA and produced to meet our strict specifications in China.

How can I clean and care for my Neatnik Spot?

  • Clean with disinfectant wipes or hand wash using mild soap.  Do not put the Spot in the dishwasher, washing-machine or dryer.  Do not bend the rim edge.

What is included with Neatnik Spot?

  • You will receive a Spot and a light-weight mesh carry bag that contains a shoulder strap for easy portability.

How do I expand and collapse Neatnik Spot?

*Parents – Please Be Aware:  Neatnik Spot is not a toy.  Open item slowly to avoid sudden movement.  Use on solid surface such as floor or ground.  Do not suspend.  Never leave a child unattended/Adult supervision required.  Ages 12+


Neatnik Saucer Folding Demo

Click below to view a video that details the features and folding process for your new saucer.